Family Med Track

Most people need to take medicine at times.  Many choose to use supplements to keep themselves healthy.  Whether you need to  remember regular medications, a round of antibiotics, or just want to track your child’s fever reducer, Family Med Track can help you.  It will remind you when it is time for you or your family members to take medications and it keeps a history of what they have taken.  It can remember their allergies and other medical conditions, and will even keep a list of medical providers.  In an emergency, this information can be vital.  You can export any of this information via email, or print a handy list to share with a doctor, babysitter, or whomever needs the information.

Please keep in mind that Family Med Track is meant as a tool to help you keep track of medications.  It is not meant as a substitute for medical advice.

Available now for the iPhone and iPad at the Apple App store.


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